Vacation Google Reader Catchup – HTML5 Bias

I was on vacation last week, so here’s what I found interesting from the 1000+ items in my Google Reader:

  • A DryadLINQ Tool Kit for Information Retrieval – how long before we see Dryad released as part of the HPC product?
  • Information Visualization on a Multi Touch Display
  • Dumping Objects Using Expression Trees
  • 7 Scaling Strategies Facebook Used To Grow To 500 Million Users – some really obvious points to remember in this article! Single Dealer Platform (SDP) world could learn from this.
  • Mike on OData and MEF
  • MVC3 – Interesting for the HTML5 developers out there….
  • WPF Binding CheatSheet
  • Microsoft XAML Toolkit CTP
  • Don provides thought on F# and GPU’s
  • LINQ to LINQ
  • How to make AJAX-requests to ASP.NET MVC application using jQuery
  • Code-First Development with Entity Framework 4–Falling Into the Pit of Success
  • Silverlight HTML5 WebSocket client with an HTML bridge to Ajax/JavaScript
  • Behaviour-Driven Development with StoryQ
  • Full Coverage by Tests Driven Development

~ by mdavey on August 4, 2010.

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