Sydney: GPars, MEF, .NET 5.0, flot and Time Zones

So I’m back from Sydney. Unfortunately dedicating 110% to the week of business in Sydney left me in a slightly run down state of health. Luckily recovery is fairly quick, and I’m back in the land of the living – not sure if that is a good thing or a bad 🙂 What I would however say is that I think Mr Branson (Virgin Atlantic) is missing a trick; why can’t I book a flight (and earn Virgin Air Miles) from London to Sydney to (Virigin Australia) New York and back to London via the web site? Before leaving Sydney I did managed to get a run in over Sydney Harbour bridge to which I am greatful to my running partner – even though it was at 6:30am 🙂 The only downside of the Sydney trip: I feel like I am now working across three timezones each day 😦

GPars: In my quest for the “utlimate” actor SDP I came across GPars. There are a couple of slide decks worth looking at here and here which will provide an overview if you haven’t looked at GPars before.

.NET 5.0: I suspect we are a year or so away from its release but I’m sure .NET 5 will continue with the theme of .NET 4.0 in offering improvements in concurrency – especially with the well blogged death of the ThreadPool. There are always been a questions around if the CCR would be rolled fully into .NET. .NET 5.0 could possible see this, but in a different form based on AsyncEnumerator

Joe Duffy has yet again an excellent view point on ‘premature optimization is evil’ myth. The post if a must read!

Jeremy over at Wintellect’s has a good retrospective of MEF usage. Important reading for anyone building an SDP or similar large application with Silverlight.

Going down the HTML RIA road, then check out flot for your charts – even with pseudo HTML5 canvas support for Internet Explorer 6/7/8. flot usage available here.


~ by mdavey on September 28, 2010.

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