Silverlight Is Much More Than A Browser Technology

There is much noise around if Microsoft Silverlight will continue as a platform. I think this post by Brad summaries Microsoft’s view of where Silverlight is now heading:

“Silverlight is much more than a browser technology. There are three areas of investment for Silverlight outside the browser: the desktop, the mobile device, and the living room”

Reading between the lines, I see Silverlight as replacing WPF on the desktop. Silverlight is still important as an RIA – “On the web, the purpose of Silverlight has never been to replace HTML; it’s to do the things that HTML (and other technologies) couldn’t in a way that was easy for developers to tap into”.

~ by mdavey on October 26, 2010.

2 Responses to “Silverlight Is Much More Than A Browser Technology”

  1. Yes, it replaces WPF on desktop … for non-Windows machines and/or for “medium” clients. For Windows thick client I still struggle to use Silverlight – it’s too far separated from underlying OS.

  2. Ballmer says the same thing, a bit more explicitly:

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