iPad/iPhone Annoyances – ZIP and ICS Files

Why can’t Apple fix the simple issues with IOS 4.x? The inability to open ZIP files in mail is just laughable! It’s 2010!

~ by mdavey on October 28, 2010.

9 Responses to “iPad/iPhone Annoyances – ZIP and ICS Files”

  1. First off this isn’t apples problem this is yours. A zip file ir a compressed archive of files or a file. If you’ve learned anything about apple they don’t support every file type or extension but like they y “there’s an app for that” I hate all these people complaining about apples problems. These are YOUR problems but because you haven’t found the app or solution your blaming apple, findnan ap that handles zip files and get over. Does apple support more than a couple video formats? NO theres an app for that though, so best of luck and quit blaming apple for the solution you can’t find. If you want a fully open operating system go download your self a copy of Linux.

    • Nice comment, shame you never told me what app I should be using. Obvious I shouldn’t be using Apples Mail app.

    • @Justin

      Obviously you use an app that makes features out of lacking functionality and bugs.

      The “blame the stupid customer” app is also wide spread.

  2. I shouldn’t have to tell you which app to use. Goto google or bing and type “iPod (or iPad iPhone whatever) zip app” you’ll get a big list of apps supporting zip files. Take a litle initiative upon your self to find solutions rather than complain to someone like a child waiting for someone to GIVE you the answer. I don’t have a need to use zip files. Thats like trying to use a floppy or listen to a casset. Way outdated. With the speed of the internet these days and the storage capacity of device I don’t see a reason to use a compressed archive. Infact verizon is working on a network that is literally 200x faster then current transfer rates allowing up to a 3 gigabyte file downloaded in mere seconds. If your dropping by a forum to ask about a simple trivia such as zip handling then I would bet you’re also going to find your way back to this forum and others to “solve” your “problems” and make ambiguous claims. Do your self a favor and do a simple search on google, bing, yahoo, literally whatever search service for what your trying to “fix”. If you need directions “direction from place to place” the Internet search engines are common sense. Knowledge is power and if your just going to wait for someone to figure it out for you then you’ll never learn anything about computers and only have more and more and more problems… Start taking some initiative.

    • @justin STOP! you are exactly the person that puts people of using Apple devices – take the your high horse back to the stable and get off of the horse! BTW I am sure he is quite capable of finding an app to deal with a zip file, if you read his blog you will know that he is perfectly technically capable. What this is, is opinion, and his opinion is that it is about time Apple started to consider what people really want to do with their devices. I mean would it really have hurt Steve Jobs so much to put an SD slot in the iPAD so you could upload your pictures directly instead of having to buy an adapter or use (*ugh*) itunes!

  3. Rememeber when you bite into the apple:

    Whatever your problem is, it is always your fault!

    This works fine for lot of people with a certain attitude as you can see from the comments above.

  4. I understand Apple’s reluctance to make the iPad compatible with every obscure file format, but ZIP and ICS files are pretty standard. In fact, Apple supports them on their desktop OS. They’re built right in as opposed to downloading apps and plugins. What’s next? Drop support for JPGs?

  5. Try goodreader

  6. this is insane; it doesn’t open zip file… i’m now wondering for the .txt or anything. Apple sucks.

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