Live at PDC10 Reading, UK – Updated

So I’m sitting here in Microsoft Reading, UK. Mike Taulty kicked off an intro in Microsoft UK prior to the Live Keynote stream. Looks from the agenda I need to move to the Memphis room at 7:30pm for the Future of C# and VB – I did get a hint under NDA as to what is coming last week 🙂

The Microsoft Kinect is the lobby was very cool.

So streaming is working – Ballmer is on screen. I think the new format (streaming focus) is better, but Microsoft should be streaming more sessions at their Campus’s

Device and cloud = Azure and HTML5

But how long for corporations to roll out IE9? And how long before corps move to Win7 to take full advantage of IE9? I know of a few banks moving to Win7 2011, but I suspect the path will take some time.

IE9 developer assistance – F12 developer tools

We seem to have an issue with syncing the live stream and the presentation over two screens 😦

Demo of Amazon Kindle app on Windows Phone 7 is quite nice – Real-Time Market Risk opportunity?

Interesting that Scott Guthrie when demo’ing writing code (Visual Studio 2010 Express for WindowsPhone) for Windows Phone 7 showed that you got a choice of XNA or Silverlight 🙂 No HTML5. No surprise Scott used OData – no push 😦 Profiler that was demo’d is very nice for the Windows Phone – can we get this for Silverlight RIA’s (not just Windows Phone 7)

Why do conference rooms never have power sockets per seat like airplanes/trains?

Bob Muglia talks about Azure, and “Platform as a Service” (Paas). Private Azure is interesting……

Poor showing for not being able to stream the Azure video (restrictions on content) blah blah blah 😦

RenderMan(Pixar) and the cloud – very cool. Job control, and elasticity is really nice. You can see how this could map to “what if” scenarios

Announcement: Azure seems to be following EC2 on VM image creation coupled with seven other new Azure features. Channel9 is on Azure! Mark Russinovich demo’s some very cool stuff like Virtual Network etc that Channel9 has leveraged

Team Foundation Server will be out on Azure next year. Access control is now very interesting from a corp perspective. Service Bus get durable messages queue.

No surprise to see Don Box in the keynote 🙂

Azure announcements here.

~ by mdavey on October 28, 2010.

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