Microsoft’s: Silverlight For Windows Mobile, HTML5 For Cross-Platform

So as expected the blog world has gone mad over the PDC10 comment about Silverlight. Shawn has an interesting take on both. UXPassion also has a view.

Personally, as I’ve blogged about before, I don’t see the corp world moving to IE9 as soon as its released – lets get real here, some corps (sell-side) are still on IE6/7! We should also remember that today Apple’s AppStore don’t allow HTML5!

So in summary, I agree with UXPassion’s final comments, “Silverlight will be here for years to come”

~ by mdavey on October 30, 2010.

One Response to “Microsoft’s: Silverlight For Windows Mobile, HTML5 For Cross-Platform”

  1. It’s been my feeling following along here for quite a while that the focus on Silverlight would eventually become an issue. My thoughts are summed up well at

    Things change, the market changes, and eventually putting your eggs behind a Microsoft basket will come back to bite (as it might swing against iOS and ObjectiveC development).

    There are several big banks with significant investments in Flash based customer facing portals and platforms. They are now going to be forced into another round of expensive development to be viable on the iPad and tablets in general (or choose not to participate at all).

    A banking platform written in HTML / CSS / Ajax / HTML5 etc. will have the best chance of working on a QNX based Blackberry device, an iOS Apple device, a Palm OS HP device, an Android device, Windows, Linux and OS X. Not saying it is easy, but if you want coverage and future market direction insurance it looks like the best option.

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