Single Bank Platform: F# Testing (Part 7)

There appear to be some noise around TickSpec. Having used TickSpec a little on my codebase you can plainly see the advantages of BDD, however I get the feeling some software engineers will be skeptical of having tests in a business language rather than code.

F# Tick Method:

“…“ Delimits an identifier that would otherwise not be a legal identifier, such as a language keyword.

member x.“This is a function you should only call once“(arg1,arg2) = …

Zach has a slide deck on F# acceptance testing here.

If I ever put a Silverlight UX onto the Single Bank Platform I’m pretty sure I’ll go down the Telerik’s WebAii Testing Framework path since its Silverlight support appear to be acceptable.

Feature: RFQ Accept of a Bund price

Scenario 1: RFQ Accept of a Bund price
	Given a customer requests an Bund RFQ
	And I have a Bund priced at 101.05
	When he accepts the price of 101.05
	Then I should have the receive an accept message for 101.05

~ by mdavey on November 1, 2010.

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