StatArb: Dojo?

Based on a comment on a previous posting I decided to download Dojo over the weekend and throw myself into “Hello World” with Aptana Studio. I wonder if Aptana will offer RxJS as a library in the future?

Essentially the “general” UI plan for the statarb project is to add a HTML5 UI to the ETF simulator I have been building over the last few weeks. Obviously the Javascript UX needs to be a fully fledged RIA, and will interact with a streaming server rather than the “old world” request/response web server model. Since most streaming server API’s are “interesting” I’m considering taking advantage of RxJS – since the server already uses Rx.

Interesting links:

  • MVC3 and Async CTP don’t play together 😦
  • Charles – web proxy with AMF support

~ by mdavey on November 29, 2010.

One Response to “StatArb: Dojo?”

  1. So this might help with the interaction between Rx and Dojo.
    Whilst the author does wrap async xhr requests with RXjs, I am still unclear how exactly you would wrap RXjs around Dojo’s CometD classes (they perform comet pattern communication using websocket/forever frame/long-polling) that you would need to have reliable comet interactions with a streaming server.
    If the Rx wrapping gets too fiddly, then I would useDojo’s promise based architecture over CometD.

    I personally can’t get along with Aptana and use JetBrain’s WebStorm for Dojo Ide.

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