StatArb: Instrumentation View – Part 9

Part 8 of this series of articles offer one possible User Experience (UX) for this statarb ETF application. However, from a development perspective we require an instrumentation view of what is happening in the server – an engineering view 🙂 This engineering view ideally should provide a visualization of all the agents running, coupled with data on messaging being processed per agent, latency, etc – essentially the usual data points. Ideally this instrumentation view should also visualize GC usage, CPU usage etc, to provide a complete view of the servers health and performance.

Although rather old now compared to what we have within the application, here’s an “engineering view” – this particular view is of a single constituent of an ETF:

~ by mdavey on January 18, 2011.

One Response to “StatArb: Instrumentation View – Part 9”

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