It’s All About Messaging – Part 1

This blog has included many posts regarding streaming technologies and messaging solutions in the past. More recently this market seems to have evolved with messaging vendors delivering richer functionality while striving to push throughput rates higher and keep latencies rates as low as possible.

I tend to partition these technologies into three distinct categories: Ultra Low Latency Messaging, Enterprise Messaging and Last Mile Messaging. The oldest and perhaps most understood of the 3 categories is still Enterprise Messaging. The other 2 have evolved out of necessity and fulfill niche requirements. A typical Single Dealer Platform (SDP) will include components from all 3.

While the dividing lines blur between categories each has its own set of technical challenges to overcome that tend to require very different approaches to implementation.

  • Ultra Low Latency Messaging tends to provide reliable messaging (not typically guaranteed by default..) in either software, hardware appliances or sometimes both. The principle deliverable is minimal overhead and latency while delivering maximum throughput. Coupled with suitable underlying infrastructure these platforms tend to underpin market data delivery backbones.
  • Enterprise Messaging while, still striving to perform well, tends to offer much more in terms of functionality and features that ultimately aids application development. A consequence of these extra features and frills tends to manifest as a performance cost. In this category important standards like AMQP, and to some lesser extent JMS, have helped define product and its use cases within organizations.
  • Last Mile Messaging is all about delivery to clients regardless of their connectivity or platform of choice (Enterprise, Web and Mobile ..). Unlike the other 2 which tend to be deployed within an organizations boundaries Last Mile Messaging solutions provide the real time glue between and organization and its clients and partners. Consequently this tech cannot make assumptions about the environments it is deployed in.

Runners and Riders
The diagram below lists some of the players I have encountered over the years along with my view on their respective category. The diagram is in no way a complete and definitive list of suppliers in this space, nor does it reflect functionality or product quality.

You will note that some vendors appear in more than category. This represents a shift by some to become Unified Messaging Platforms. Another development to watch in this space is Cloud based deployment and delivery. I have already blogged about one Last Mile Messaging platform doing good stuff here.

Part 2 of this article will feature a poll of the messaging vendor adoption within these categories.

~ by mdavey on January 26, 2011.

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