Expression Blend: Software Engineers and Designers Need To Find The Way

I know I’ve made this point some time ago (a long time), but both designers and software engineers need to embrace Expression Blend and likewise Catalyst (in the Flex world) and not be afraid to leverage new tools. Additionally, both Expression Blend users need to feedback to Microsoft on the improvements they feel need to be made in the Expression Blend vNext. Here at Lab49, we collated over 50+ items that we felt should be in future release of Expression Blend, and sent them to the Microsoft Expression development team.

Anyway, a few resources that might be useful:


~ by mdavey on February 10, 2011.

4 Responses to “Expression Blend: Software Engineers and Designers Need To Find The Way”

  1. Expression Blend’s whole UI is so arrogantly anti-programmer one doesn’t know where to start that feedback.

    Complain about the heavily dark illegible UI? Or the elements that doesn’t give a visual clue whether they are for clicking, for dragging or a stupid screen ornament?

    The text cursor turned on its side means ‘split mode’ — how perverse is that? Then you go into that split mode and try to guess which 4 pixel high invisible line is the splitter.

    The whole thing just meant to annoy and promote some elitist feeling: I am not like normal people. The best that can happen to Expression Blend is if that hideous LightSwitch becomes popular enough to afford a good UI designer. So some sort of Microsoft heavyweight like Steve Ballmer kicks Expression team into dirt until they copy some sensible UI from some sensible product.

  2. I just want Expression Blend to be merged into the Visual Studio designer. I agree about the programmer-unfriendliness (primarily, the XAML editor is a huge WTF compared to VS’s editor) but then it has a lot of features the VS editor is missing.

    I can understand the dichotomy between say, using Photoshop versus an HTML editor, but I feel like “everyone has to embrace Blend” because we have two different under-featured and unintuitive solutions, not two different workflows optimized for different users.

  3. If the darn thing would stop freezing up all the time, I’d use it all day long — Blend is just awesome even though the previous comments are true. As it is, my Visual Studio is slow enough, I can’t imagine how slow it would be with Blend inside it.

  4. Of course, since its so flaky with my current solution I only use it as a last resort now 😦

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