Silverlight 4 Update (GDR3) and KB2505882 (Improving network latency)

Microsoft has just release GDR3, the latest Silverlight 4 runtime update. Of most interest to a number of us in financial services is the “Improving network latency”. A 90 percent improvement is going to benefit all applications 🙂

A new feature improves HTTP stack latency in Microsoft Silverlight 4 version 4.0.60129.0, improves Silverlight network latency by up to 90 percent, and is designed for applications that are built for the 4.0.60129.0 runtime version.

There is somewhat of an interesting story around this latency improvement, but unfortunately that will have to wait for another day. On a positive note, its good to see Microsoft continuing to improve the latency of Silverlight applications, we can only hope Silverlight 5 will continue this trend, and Microsoft will continue to enhance its performance testing with each release of the Silverlight runtime,


~ by mdavey on February 15, 2011.

One Response to “Silverlight 4 Update (GDR3) and KB2505882 (Improving network latency)”

  1. Interesting. Does this pertain to the ClientHttp stack or the browser stack I wonder? From memory, the ClientHttp stack is generally an opt-in choice…

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