Cloud Streaming – Part 2

Following on from my-Channels Clouding of Nirvana, Kwwika appears to be offering a similar service – “real-time push notification, messaging and data distribution service”. One can only expect Kaazing, Lighstreamer, PUSH Technologies and Migratory to follow suite in the near future.

Kwwika appears to have OEM’d Caplin‘s Liberator to allow it to jump start its data distribution service offering. This obviously leads to the question of whether Kweeika is part funded by Caplin.

Greg Does It offers insight into how to leverage the Kwwika platform by building a football mashup – Silverlight code provided here.

Although most of the Kwwika demo’s don’t appear to work for me 😦 , its clear Kwwika isn’t just focusing on financial services, although this may change in the future if there is a Caplin funding influence (which as per above I don’t actually know if there is one).

I’m also curious to know what changes Kwwika have made over and above the standard Caplin Liberator product given the posting on performance et al from Martin.

Overall another push product in the real-time streaming space can only be good for the consumer!

~ by mdavey on March 24, 2011.

4 Responses to “Cloud Streaming – Part 2”

  1. I subscribed to your blog recently and it’s brilliant, I’m discovering so many new things from it!


  2. Hi Matt,

    Thanks much for mentioning Migratory.

    You intuition is not wrong. In fact, we actively prepare to extend our offer to the cloud.

    From a performance viewpoint we are already able to cost-effectively offer such a service. You can see my recent post on Cometdaily for an overview:

    Best regards,

  3. Thanks for the coverage and interest Matt. Sorry some of the demos didn’t work for you. Some of them were created for specific events which have now passed and therefore the data isn’t available available any more. Others, such as the World Cup replay demo, require us to be running a service that we had turned off. We’ve turned it back on now.

    The Opta Sports Cricket widget demo is an example of a partnership we have established with the worlds leading sports data provider. Some other demos with source code can be seen here:

    * Simple Twitter Subscriber
    * Real-Time JavaScript Charting (requires Firefox, Chrome or Safari)

    Another demo we built months ago that we should really add uses Opta Sports Premier League data in a Championship manager style demo.

    At the moment Kwwika has taken just the Caplin Liberator component from the Caplin technology stack in order to power our real-time data distribution. This gives us a massive advantage over any other service because of it’s proven low latency and massive scalable. We do not redistribute any of the Caplin’s APIs and our APIs are focused on exposing the power of Caplin Liberator by providing simple to use Subscribe and Publish methods to make it as easy as possible for a developer to subscribe to and publish real-time data which matches our focus as a service.

    If you’ve any other questions about our service feel free to give me a shout.

  4. Definitely a Caplin influence:

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