Immersive – WinC++ and System Language Runtime (SLR)

With Erich Gamma starting at Microsoft as a Distinguished Engineer (August 2011), is C++ the new Microsoft language? The various speculative postings in the SLR don’t really provide a clear view as to what Microsoft is thinking. We already know from the various MS Research projects that they are been looking at managed OS’s in some detail. It’s a shame that there was no .NET information around Win8 at the recent conferences, and that we’re now waiting from the September 2011 Build conference in the hope of getting some clarity.

Why is Microsoft so bad a messaging to Developers these days? Have Google and Apple knocked Microsoft so badly off its game? Didn’t Microsoft learn anything from the last information nightmare around HTML5 and Silverlight?

Given the limited information around Jupiter and the building of immersive applications, could the SLR be part of Jupiter?

Jupiter is a user interface library for Windows and will allow developers to build immersive applications using a XAML-based approach with coming tools from Microsoft.

What is clear (today) is the Silverlight isn’t dead. It’s also clear that in the current Win8 builds, Silverlight is still very much alive.

So in summary we actually known little or a lot šŸ™‚ Windows 8 will provide great opportunity, but in the (financial) corporate space with the current Windows 7 roll-out still underway (or not started) we’re not going to get Windows 8 “coolness” for a number of years.


~ by mdavey on June 13, 2011.

One Response to “Immersive – WinC++ and System Language Runtime (SLR)”

  1. Thanks for the summary post. Helpful for explaining to others where we currently sit w/r/t .NET graphics APIs.

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