Disruptor-net (Concurrent Programming Framework) for .NET Framework

With the recent release of the LMAX Disruptor framework, it was clear somebody was going to port the pattern to .NET. I started a port during my daily commute but have clearly been beaten by others. Obvious question/thought is whether Microsoft and specifically the TPL Dataflow team will include a disruptor like pattern in future releases of the framework given that TPL Dataflow deals with messages etc and would have to solve similar problems to what the disruptor attempts to solve.

Anyway, back to my port of Disruptor. I suspect I’ll continue a bit with the code, but will shortly dump the codebase given the disruptor-net initiative.

Notes on the code I have ported:

  • Java … maps to C# params
  • Nested class access is slight different between Java and C#
  • Not sure how p1..p14 work in C# compared to Java
  • enum newInstance() method in Java mapped to an extension method in C# for my port
  • volatile long isn’t available using the volatile keyword in C#

~ by mdavey on June 30, 2011.

3 Responses to “Disruptor-net (Concurrent Programming Framework) for .NET Framework”

  1. […] Davey (Technical Directory at Lab49) also has a couple of posts about porting the Disruptor and comparing the performance of his port to the Java […]

  2. […] thanks to its open-sourcing, is now being dissected across the globe. Ports to .NET and C++ are underway. Hopefully, I will find a good reason to use […]

  3. This definitely makes great sense to anyone!!

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