Asynchronous Agents Library: Back In The Land Of C++

So for the last few hours I’ve been (attempting) to code C++ – it’s been some while since I last wrote any C++ 😦 Specifically I’m looking at the Asynchronous Agent Library that ships with VS 2010. Here are a few blogs/articles I’ve found helpful:

  • Solving The Dining Philosophers Problem With Asynchronous Agents
  • ConcRT Sample Pack v0.4
  • Asynchronous Message Blocks
  • Asynchronous Agents Library
  • Introduction to Asynchronous Agents Library
  • Asynchronous Agents Library – Intro to Message Blocks
  • Visual Studio 2010 CTP available: Including the Concurrency Runtime, Parallel Pattern Library and Asynchronous Agents Library!
  • C++ Renaissance: The Asynchronous Agents Library
  • Working with Agents
  • Examples of Lambda Expressions

~ by mdavey on July 8, 2011.

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