Silverlight 5 RC and the Networking Stack – DLL Hell?

Over the weekend I decided to upgrade to Microsoft Silverlight 5 RC. I’m currently working on two Proof Of Concept (POC) applications that use different web streaming products – one likes to remain neutral in the streaming space πŸ™‚ Unfortunately I appear to be getting mixed results from running my two applications.

The results with Silverlight 5 RC (5.0.60818.0) and Application One:

  • IE9 – Exceptions thrown that tell me I can’t connect to the streaming server
  • Chrome – No issues here, connected. πŸ™‚
  • Firefox – No issues here, connected – slightly slowed than Chrome.

The results with Silverlight 4 and Application One:

  • All browser’s work without any issue

In the case of application Two and Streaming Product B, I get real-time prices into the browser for a few seconds, and then all three browsers crash 😦

With a clean Win7 64bit machine, VS2010, VS2010SP1 and the Silverlight 5 RC tools I still seem to get issues with IE9. More investigation needed 😦

Interestingly, Lightstreamer’s demo appears to be find with Silverlight 5 RC – at least over HTTP, HTTPS maybe another questions


~ by mdavey on September 5, 2011.

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