BUILD: Thoughts and Notes – XAML/HTML with C++/JavaScript (WinRT)

Whilst I download/install the Windows 8 Developer Preview I offer a few BUILD thoughts/notes:

  • C++ is the “new” language – has the rise of Objective-C influenced this as much as the C++11 standard
  • C++ AMP could be beneficial from a quant library perspective – think risk/pricing
  • The Metro programming model offer the Abstract Binary Interface (ABI) – defines an interface for inter-language communication.
  • COM is back (and update) πŸ™‚
  • I would have preferred one binary across all Win8 devices – phone, slate, PC, etc – we don’t seem to be there yet 😦
  • Will the CLR merge into WinRT over time?
  • Will Microsoft drop support for Silverlight on OSX?
  • I don’t see a lot from BUILD so far to help in the cross platform world – its all Windows ecosystem centric
  • JavaScript + WinRT or Managed code + WinRT or native + WinRT – your choice on building Metro style apps (full screen)
  • Windows Metadata (WinMD) file is created by VS2011
  • HTML or XAML – the choice is yours for markup
  • WinJS.Promise

~ by mdavey on September 14, 2011.

One Response to “BUILD: Thoughts and Notes – XAML/HTML with C++/JavaScript (WinRT)”

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