Win8: More thoughts on WinRT, Projections and Possible Roadmap

Some thoughts from watching more BUILD video’s:

  • COM is king again in Microsoft – although yes its an improved COM
  • Curious that for Metro style applications the WinRT has returned to native code. From a future roadmap, its clear from BUILD we have the 1-2 year WinRT view – Metro style UI applications, but what’s the deal with server side programming? Aren’t there benefits (async et al) to offering WinRT in the server world as well?
  • Projections are key, and the magic of the WinRT from a high level language perspective
  • IInspectable is the new IUnknown
  • With WinRT fully owned by the Windows Dev team, lets hope Microsoft has internally moved on from the Developer Division vs Windows Division infighting
  • HTML or XAML – you choose your markup. Isn’t XAML just tags for Windows UI controls? Will the future see just HTML in the Metrox vNext world?
  • Silverlight isn’t dead, it was clear a long time ago. Problem is messaging and panic
  • CLR Core Framework 4.5 has some nice improvements.
  • Matt Merry’s talk is excellent. Definitely a must watch. Explorer.exe calls RPCSS, which calls DOCMLaunch with calls wwahost.exe that start your Metro style application
  • Ian offer a good read on Real Native WinRT Development
  • Curious to see if the sell-side (investment banks) consider deploying Win8 when its release presumable in 2012, given that they jumped from WinXP to Win7 only in the near 12 months or
  • Roslyn CTP will be release in mid October 2011
  • Metro style application in finance are curious. Not sure I’d have a tile per currency pair πŸ™‚

~ by mdavey on September 19, 2011.

4 Responses to “Win8: More thoughts on WinRT, Projections and Possible Roadmap”

  1. Hey,

    As for your second bullet point (WinRT and server side); surely you can use WinRT server side? I dl:ed the Win8 Server release, and WinRT was there.

    I didn’t have much luck however using it (it compiled, but then I got a COM error E_NOTIMPLEMENTED; good ol’ COM πŸ™‚ ). I don’t know if it was due to being on Win8 Server or if it was for some other reason. Server looks a bit “half-baked” at the moment, with a weird mix of Metro and classic.

    But, I fully expect that we’ll be able to write WinRT apps / services that will run on the server. At least I hope so.


  2. If Silverlight is not dead, is it a good choice for continuing development and deployment of trading RIA? I just don’t see it.

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  4. You have shed a ray of sunihsne into the forum. Thanks!

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