BUILD: Windows Server 8 – Thoughts

Metro has been the main blogging topic from BUILD, few have blogged about Windows Server 8 that was featured in a number of BUILD sessions. Windows Server 8 is cloud optimised, offering a number of interesting features that are relevant to financial services applications:

  • Large scale systems – 640 logical processors are supported and 4 Terebytes of memory
  • Windows client and server are leveraging the same codebase
  • Registered IO (RIO) – Winsock extension API’s that pin’s buffers in user space, which reduces CPU processing of each message
  • Receive Side Scaling (RSS) distributes TCP/UDP receive traffic across nodes
  • Windows Server Core is the preferred deployment option – finally the GUI is dead (although still available if you really need it) and PowerShell runs the server admin world
  • WebSockets added to ASP.NET, IIS 8.0 and WCF, .NET 4.5 – Microsoft finally gets web PUSH but only via W3C

~ by mdavey on September 21, 2011.

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