Should Microsoft Have Built Opa for Azure?

Google offers us Dart as an alternative to JavaScript, but I don’t see Dart in its current incarnation changing the world of SPI/SPA. Opa looks interesting:

Opa is a programming language and a standard library comprising a database management system, a web server, a server-side framework, a client-side framework, a distribution middleware, a security audit tool, but without the complexity of deployment, administration, or impedance mismatch stemming from the use of many different technologies.

Josette Garcia summaries Opa’s advantages:

Probably the most notable difference with existing approaches is Opa’s integrity. The typical technology stack for web applications involves a web server, a DBMS, a client side language (typically, Javascript), a server side language with an accompanying web framework and a database query language (typically, SQL). Developers need not only to master all those components, but also to configure them and to make them communicate and work together, which often involves writing a lot of (boring and error-prone) boilerplate.

If Microsoft has given up on the CLR (BUILD/Win8 Metro), coupled with the likely hood of Silverlight 6 never seeing the light of day (Silverlight 5 is the end of the road in my view – and others), then maybe its time for Microsoft to consider leveraging C# as the Opa language for Azure 😉


~ by mdavey on October 19, 2011.

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