Tier-1 Sell-Side Technology Innovation Insight

JP Morgan (as one would expect) has a very informative web site dedicated to technology graduates that offers a window into the world of technology within a tier-1 bank. Both hardware and software technologies are covered on the site. Of particular interesting is the Athena technology that has gain some press over the last year or so:

Athena is a next generation pricing, risk management, analysis and trade management platform. Athena implements a rapid development and deployment model that puts developers at the heart of the business

Athena appears to be geared towards Exotic products based on the fact sheet. However, there is a reference to “Reactive Athena” on the second page that is intriguing, and almost implies CEP style of technology:

Reactive Athena is a framework within Athena that allows building efficient event-driven applications for algorithmic trading, simulations, back-testing, signal generation, calibration and the like. At the core of the framework is a forward-propagating graph, where nodes contain units of work scheduled for execution based on their ranking (topologically sorted order) in the graph

Finally, Athena has many pillars, again of interest is the language of choice and the database:

  • Globally replicated object store database
  • Python
  • Dependency graph
  • IDE

~ by mdavey on November 29, 2011.

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