CEP and Web Messaging Product Company Correlation?

I thought I blog this view sometime ago, but it appears I was wrong having looked though my old postings. So with some time to kill at Heathrow airport during my 2-ish day, 15,000+ miles of traveling I thought I’d offer a view.

Remember when Complex Event Processing (CEP) products were the buzz a number of years back? Streambase, Coral8, Aleri to name but a few, all offering similar features, and pitching to the same financial (and non) clients. Over the last few years we’ve seen the various CEP products either merge, get acquired, or disappear. Today, StreamBase is I believe the only remaining independent CEP product company, with Microsoft, Oracle, Sybase to name but a few of the other multi product company who now have a CEP product in the family.

Now lets look at the Web Messaging space. There are 5+ web messaging product companies today. In a similar way to the CEP product companies, these web messaging comnpanies are almost all one product companies, offering “similar” product features, and going after the same financial (and non) clients. Should we expect the Web Messaging companies to follow the same path as the original CEP companies?

Now jump to Informatica acquisition of 29West Inc – slight old news. Informatica bought a best of breed Ultra-Low Latency Messaging (ULLM) technology company, and rightly so. So why didn’t Informatica buy Kaazing to complete the messaging solution. The press release (although old news again) praises Kaazing technology, so why didn’t Informatica just buy Kaazing and roll the WebSocket Gateway into the ULLM product to provide an end to end offering?

We’re thrilled that Informatica has chosen Kaazing as the full-duplex web communications backbone for its Ultra Messaging products

~ by mdavey on April 8, 2012.

4 Responses to “CEP and Web Messaging Product Company Correlation?”

  1. There are too many such messaging solutions out there. I think that consolidation that is already on the way will only accelerate.

  2. agree.
    Btw, Tibco also choosed Kaazing as a base to build up Tibco WebMessaging

  3. Right, but TIBCO choosed Lightstreamer as the base of TIBCO AMS as well, with many production deployments

  4. Consolidation of companies who only offer web messaging I agree is going to happen. However, that will not address user concerns since HTTP Push-only products still require a messaging system on the backend to be useful and this integration of different products results in a patchwork architecture. For anyone interested in an alternate view of a unified architecture for LAN, WAN and WEB, checkout http://solacesystems.com/solutions/financial-services/single-dealer-platform/.

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