Java final keyword – View?

The debate appears to be still raging on if/when the Java final keyword should be be used 😦  It reminds me of the OS debate of the 90’s.  What’s your view?


~ by mdavey on May 16, 2012.

2 Responses to “Java final keyword – View?”

  1. I am not Java developer. Isn’t Java keyword ‘final’ to be used to declare runtime read-only fields? Emphasizing its thread-safety characteristic is a bit off target I think.

  2. It’s not a one to one match but I use readonly in.Net as a statement of intent of the lifecycle of a class as much as optimisation for threadsafety. That said I really wish there was a easy mechanism to declare immutably on a class (and enforce it on members) after construction for that very purpose.

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