MsgPack – The New Protocol Buffers?

MessagePack appears to be generate an amount of noise.  Clearly before choosing any technology, there should be an assessment of the current performance  (measured) problem, followed by re-measurement after a new technology is introduced to understand if the benefits where achieved.  Adding technology to solve a problem that didn’t exist isn’t going to give a very good ROI.

In the case of MsgPack, its probably worth understanding in the case of a JSON replacement, what the payload point is in terms of gaining a performance advantage – if all you are doing in sending to a browser a price, there maybe an overhead in terms of MsgPack compared to JSON.


~ by mdavey on June 12, 2012.

One Response to “MsgPack – The New Protocol Buffers?”

  1. Lots of sceptism on Hacker News and I think lack of support for utf-8 is likely a deal breaker.

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