QuickStart HFT Brokers?

I came across Advantage Futures some while ago, which got me thinking about what would be required to starting HFT in the simplest form – through a broker.  A quick Google leads to a few possible vendors who might be worth checking out from the perspective of exchange connectivity:

There is probably quite a spectrum on costs over the above list, and likewise in latency.  Anyone got a view on the above vendors?  Algo Advantage appears to have the coolest site with video’s and thus possibly costs the most 🙂


~ by mdavey on August 16, 2012.

4 Responses to “QuickStart HFT Brokers?”

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  2. you can also come to us … http://www.activequant.org – hft is our business.

  3. latency depends on your configuration, just like with ORC. you can colocate it, etc. instead of paying 150k for ORC a year, better pay a fraction of that to someone else ..

    I can’t give you any idea of latency, as it depends on your actual setup. it’s best to chat about that.

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