Think before you Code/Debug/Deliver

Rob Pike’s “The Best Programming advice I Ever Got” is spot on in terms of thinking.  However, its not just specific to writing code 🙂  I think the real key piece of advice for anyone working as part of a team delivering a software solution to the “business” is to ensure they think before they undertake the task they have picked up from the kanban board.  Likewise, when they hit a perceived problem, thought should be applied to ensure that they are thinking about a problem which will aid in delivery of the software application, and not a problem that has occurred because the individual has side tracked down an alley because its slightly more interesting that the actual task they are suppose to be working on.

Another areas that “thinking” could be applied more, is in how the story (agile) deliverable will be used by the rest of the team in the delivery of the solution.  So often individualw within an agile team work using a silo approach (yes, I know its a contradiction to agile) even though they are part of an “agile” team, with little thought to the “pain” they might incur on other team members post delivery of their story – be it code, backlogs, stories, UX, etc.

Maybe to aid “thinking” we need the equivalent of the “Green Cross Code” for software development?


~ by mdavey on August 16, 2012.

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