Scala IDE – Versions are Too Painful

During the last few evenings I’ve been doing some work with Scala.  Initially I started off with Eclipse as the IDE of choice.  But after remember how much I dislike Eclipse, I moved over to IntelliJ.  I prefer IntelliJ’s refactoring support, but for some reason just found the run/debug particularly painful with Scala, so ended up reverting back to Eclipse.  With ScalaIDE installed, and thus Scala 2.9.2, I experienced the frustration of creating a Maven Scala project, and finding the MySpec test failed to build.  It turned out, either rightly or wrongly, that the solution was to correct 😦 the pom.xml for the scala-library, junit and specs.  Specs probably being the key, and hence moving to Specs2.  Which leads me to the previously blogged view, IDE’s and versions are still to painful in 2012.  It just shouldn’t be this hard to get an environment running and start development. 😦

If anyone is mildly curious, I’m currently using Scala 2.9.2, JUnit 4.8.1 and Specs2 1.12.1


~ by mdavey on September 27, 2012.

3 Responses to “Scala IDE – Versions are Too Painful”

  1. Hi,

    Give a try to a trail version of MyEclipse. It is built on top of Eclipse and comes with ton’s of preconfigured plugins. They have strong community support and excellent debugging tools (including java script debugging) and easy to manage plugins (since they maintain their own repositories).

  2. What we gain on the conciseness of Scala, we lose on the horrendous IDE support. It feels like java development circa ~98, with UltraEdit …

  3. I’ve been trying out Erlang (a practical functional programming language for highly-concurrent, fault-tolerant systems), the Erl IDE plug-in for Eclipse, rebar for building Erlang applications, and starting to get the hang of it. Once I get my new project workflow going, I’m going to update my github. Depending on the type of problem you are trying to solve, Erlang and rebar may be a better fit, depending on how much Scala kool-aid you’ve had. 😉

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