Druid Goes Open Source

Interesting to see that MetaMarkets has pushed Druid into the Open Source world.  The history of Druid is interesting, specifically the path MetaMarkets went down prior to building Druid.

What’s particularly nice about Druid is distributed in-memory data engine, allows JavaScript clients to retrieve real-time data – I’m assuming “Event data can be streamed live” means web push via Node.js
Druid features:

  • Distributed architecture. Swappable read-only data segments using an MVCC swapping protocol. Per-segment replication relieves load on hot segments. Supports both in-memory and memory-mapped versions.
  • Real-time ingestion. Real-time ingestion coupled with broker servers to query across real-time and historical data. Automated migration of real-time to historical as it ages.
  • Column-oriented for speed.  Data is laid out in columns so that scans are limited to specific data being searched. Compression decreases overall data footprint.
  • Fast filtering. Bitmap indices with CONCISE compression.
  • Operational simplicity. Fault tolerant due to replication. Supports rolling deployments and restarts. Allows simple scale up and scale down – just add or remove nodes.

So net out, Druid sound interesting for all of the above from a technical perspective, and from a business perspective  for possibly real-time risk and e-Commerce sales intelligence analysis and visualization


~ by mdavey on October 29, 2012.

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