Daily Scrum’s are not a Project Managers Status Meeting!

I think Mike captures the reason for a daily scum clearly in this article – a synchronized meeting for the team MEMBER’s.  It’s not a STATUS MEETING.  I also concur re the eye contact, and I like the Sixteenth Minute.  As to rotating Scrum Master, have a read of this.  From what I’ve seen over the years, some people are clearly able to act as Scrum Masters, and others just want to be members of the team.  Hence don’t force people into a Scrum Master role who don’t have the skills, and consider Scrum Master training prior – it often opens peoples minds 😉


~ by mdavey on November 17, 2012.

One Response to “Daily Scrum’s are not a Project Managers Status Meeting!”

  1. I’ve had to use the no eye contact trick more recently with one of our developers who felt he was reporting to me, rather than speaking to the entire team. Within a week, he caught on to the idea that he’s accountable to everyone, not just the SM.

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