HFT: Tick-to-Trade < 1us

Following on from the QuickStart HFT posting I made a short while ago, I came across the Cheetah Framework based on the recent press release.  The Statistical Arbitrage provide an example of how the various Cheetah cubs/blocks can be used.  I’m unclear of the cost compare to a go-it-alone FPGA solution, or which companies have successfully implemented a solution using the technology.  However, given that Cheetah Solutions appears to be based on Zurich, Switzerland, one has to assume a Swiss bank or offshore hedge fund has been the initial client of the hardware stack.

~ by mdavey on January 7, 2013.

One Response to “HFT: Tick-to-Trade < 1us”

  1. Mmm cheetah, could be Rapid Additions, FPGA Cheetah solution.

    The speed is very good but I think Zeptonics is better and provable

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