Quantopian: Start Your Algo’s

As blogged about previous, Quantopian is now in beta – but currently only for US stocks.  Python appears to be the language of choice – similar to a few of the tier-1 banks initiatives in the last few years.  I don’t see any latency data on the site 😦


~ by mdavey on January 24, 2013.

One Response to “Quantopian: Start Your Algo’s”

  1. “Our goal is to handle all the infrastructure, data, and setup tasks so that you can focus on” -> delivering your findings to us. Oh no, wait, we have your code already on our servers, no need to deliver anything.

    Seriously, I follow your posts with much interest but I believe this piece of software really should not warrant your or your followers attention. Minute bar data is all they got? Any mentioning they have a license to utilize the data in compliance with the exchange regulations? Sorry I find it hard to take a service seriously that offers to run algorithmic tests on THEIR computers and their fines granularity of data is minute data.

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