Benevolent Dictator

One thing you learn from sitting on a (front office) desk, is that you need to make decisions, and move forwards.  This decision process, leads to an interesting article titled “The Argument for ‘Benevolent Dictatorship’ in Decision-making”.  Personally, I can relate to the seven tips in the article, as I am sure a few others (readers?) can 😉  Tip 4 should possible be a rule 😉  The last of the 7 tips probably should be though about in the context of “vision” – see earlier blog posting.

So back to dictators, and the Neal Whitten Group again has an interesting article, “Are You a Benevolent Dictator? You Should Be!”.  Specifically,

Micromanaging occurs when a leader chooses to make decisions for anyone and everyone within his or her influence

The Neal article also provides this food for thought:

Personal commitment is when you, personally, are charged with making a decision and then you are held accountable for the outcome of that decision.

Forbes has an article not specifically on dictators, but the Three Fundamentals Of Effective Leadership.  As per an earlier blog posting, this article highlights vision as being key – obvious really.

As I was googling in an airport lounge, I came across a rather old article, A Leadership Guide for Building a Positive Corporate Culture In Times of Growth and Expansion.  Of interest was the quote:

Aim for success, not perfection.

That simple sentence above, has a lot of bearing on the solutions software engineers deliver today due to in part, the lack of understanding a vision, and the understanding of decision making.

White Spaces also offers a  read on benevolent dictators, What’s Wrong With Being a Benevolent Dictator?  The take away from this article:

(Benevolent dictators) also show a readiness to act decisively even in desperate situations knowing the buck stops with them. This only works if a leader is respected. Respect doesn’t happen overnight but is built over time by proving personal capability and commitment. It doesn’t automatically come with a job title, nor should it.

Final thought before I get on another plane – The Benevolent Dictator: Empower Your Employees, Build Your Business, and Outwit the Competition.  Not read the book myself yet, but it could be worth a read given the reviews.


~ by mdavey on February 6, 2013.

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