Electronic Bond Trading – Citi, Deutsche, NYSE

Financial News had an article discussing the Citi platform in Jan 2013.  Today, the FT has an article (subscription needed) on Deutsche Bank and its platform to ease corporation bond trading among institutional investors and rival brokers

Deutsche has floated the idea that bonds not matched by a broker are put into a so-called liquidity hub and institutions and rival brokers can post firm interest.

WSJ’s article in December 2012 predicted this surge in electronic bond trading

Banks and others predict an increase in electronic fixed-income trading next year as investors look beyond traditional phone-based trading with dealers, according to new research released Thursday.

Respondents from 24 dealer banks and brokers told independent researcher Tabb Group that asset managers would increase their electronic trading over the next year. On average, they said the increase would be up to 10% in terms of the value of each trade going through and up to 4% in terms of the number of orders being ticketed, according to the Tabb report.


~ by mdavey on February 15, 2013.

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