Sideload Windows Store Apps

Given the recent discussion around the memory available on Microsoft Surface devices, its clear the 128GB version is the only viable enterprise device for anyone corporation consider such devices.

Which leads to a discussion of who (in the capital markets space) will adopt Microsoft Surface and Windows 8 at an enterprise level.  Given a vast majority of corporates in the capital market space run Windows desktops, the ease of adopting a Microsoft Surface Win8 device is obvious.  Especially if consider in terms of the sales/trader desktop tools already built that are often built using Microsoft .NET (think WPF).  As blogged about a long time ago, traders/sales often find it hard to leave the trading desk due to the “data” available though there 4-8 monitors.  iPad’s offer a way to carry real-time data with them when they are in meetings away from the trading desk.  But the iPad requires either remote desktop software, or an iOS/HTML variant of the heavy desktop application to work on the Apple device.  Hence the possible advantage Microsoft could have with the Microsoft Surface device in the capital markets corporate.

This now leads to the question of how to get “Line of Business” applications onto the Microsoft Surface. “Sideload” appears to be the Windows Store by-pass  intended for developers and internal business applications.  For in-depth details of how to leverage Sideload, try this posting.


~ by mdavey on March 21, 2013.

2 Responses to “Sideload Windows Store Apps”

  1. Just make sure you don’t buy an RT one, You can’t join a domain with them.

  2. I don’t think this is quite the right way to think about it. Metro apps (as opposed to desktop apps) can only be run in the Metro interface, which only occupies one monitor. So you can’t develop trading apps for Windows 8 or RT that run under the Metro interface, if you expect them to be used on Windows 8 desktops, which as you say have 4-8 monitors. Which puts you right back where you started: developing separate apps for desktop and for tablet.

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