QCON London 2013 Slides

Head over to here to get the slide downloads for a lot of the QCON London 2013 talks.  Of initial interest:

  • Highly Available near real-time Data Distribution beyond the network edge – Diffusion provide some interesting performance data.
  • Cooking on Gas: How to use Chef to get a better cloud deal – We LIKE chef 🙂
  • The Future of Mobile Banking – If you read my “down under” blog posting on mobile, then this slide deck is worth a read, especially as Michael worked at ANZ
  • Eventual Consistency in the Real World- The pain of the real world 🙂
  • Performance Testing Java Applications – Mr Thompson.  Enough said.
  • Hotspot Garbage Collection – The Useful Parts
  • Scaling for Humongous amounts of data with MongoDB
  • Architecting for High Availability- Lots of AWS stuff
  • Between Fluffy Bunnies and Command & Control Agile Adoption in Practice
  • Cloud and Banking IT, each can learn from the other
  • High Performance Messaging for Web-Based Trading Systems
  • How NOT to Measure Latency
  • Financial Big Data Loosely coupled, highly structured
  • In-Memory Message & Trade Repositories
  • Visualizing Information with HTML5
  • SQL + NoSQL + NewSQL + RealTime For Investment Banks
  • The Technology of an Equity Trade

~ by mdavey on March 25, 2013.

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