Top Gun Taglines for the Software Engineer

For the last time period I’ve been draw to the age old Top Gun tagline, “writing checks that your body can’t cash”, but with a twist:

Writing checks your salary can’t cash

So what do I mean by this?  Specifically, I’ve found over the years working in capital markets that so many software engineers tell me they are “the best”, “known how to build scalable system”, “understand the business problem” etc., and yet what happens is that due to either over confidence, ego, failure to ask questions, or numerous other possibility, what is delivered per iteration, per deliverable to the front office trading desk, falls short is so many ways.

The shake up that has occurred within the investment bank world over the last n years has been a good think for so many reasons.  The lucrative world drew far to many mediocre developers/software engineers/architects who far to often though they were building a solution that was looking for a problem.  Failure to understand the business is probably the worst offender in this space.


~ by mdavey on April 9, 2013.

2 Responses to “Top Gun Taglines for the Software Engineer”

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  2. This is true _everywhere_ in software development, not just in the investment world. Focusing on “solutions” (actually: technology) instead of problems is the downfall of every failed project I’ve ever worked on and, conversely, problem focus was the hallmark of every successful project I have ever worked on.

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