Risk Management Opportunities

Marcus provides a view on the risk management opportunities that exist in today’s market.  There are a number of key points that Marcus has hit nail on head, in particular:

  • “Risk management should be able to communicate both the risk position and the risk appetite across the organization – along with risk investigation” – Concur with this, but the issue I suspect Marcus is alluding to is that for some organisations a consolidate view of risk from an enterprise perspective is still somewhat of a challenge.
  • “correction capacity for the risk analysts has to be built, in a compliant way, into the risk architecture” – in many cases this will be new/enhanced functionality for a set of investment banks.
  • “technology must empower the human activity that is risk management” – this is probably one of the most important points in Marcus’s posting.  In the classic software engineering space, what you don’t want is a risk management solution looking for a risk management problem.

Clearly Marcus’s is “linking” to SunGuard’s product range in his posting, this is to be expected.  However, to Marcus’s very points, an understanding of what the risk department business requirements are, coupled with what they have today, and the issues with what they have today are paramount prior to deciding on a solution, which in many cases maybe be more than buying a package solution off-the-shelf.


~ by mdavey on April 15, 2013.

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