Clojure in Finance

It’s interesting to read the various snippets of Clojure bank usage that are on the web.  Based on a quick Google, there Deutsche, UBS (blogged about previously) and Citi as a minimum.  The general pattern appears to be that within a bank, a particular area manages to persuade management to accept the “new” language into the fold. Pithering About provides some reasons for Clojure usage on a middle office project.

What is even more interesting in the Clojure world is Datomic. InfoQ has a few articles on Datomic which provide a good introduction to this new distributed database:

  • The State of NoSQL
  • The Datomic Information Model

One interesting attribute of Datomic is the time component, offering anyone is finance the possible usage of Datomic from a tickDB perspective.  I’d be curious to know of anyone who has PoC’d this concept, as it would make an interesting alternative to other vendor products such as kdb and oneTick.


~ by mdavey on May 24, 2013.

2 Responses to “Clojure in Finance”

  1. Based on my own experience and conversations with others who work in the City, there’s a small but increasing move towards functional languages. I have to say that by far the most common I’ve heard of are Scala or F#, with ML and Clojure far behind.

  2. The guy who produced the app in the link you’ve provided at DB left. This left a support problem because they couldn’t resource the application, so the the app is now being rewritten in Java. Which, whilst being seen as a step back by some, is still seen as a “safe” move because it can be resourced cheaply. This is common place for other apps written in languages considered “experimental” in capital markets, I’ve seen Erlang and F# productions go exactly the same way.

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