!Java = Clojure or Scala

Another day with some travel, and time to read the latest ThoughWorks Technology Radar.  I see both Clojure and Scala are in the adopt Languages & Frameworks.  The problem I see for both languages in the financial space is that there is still some considerable bias to the Java stack from a historical “architecture governance board” perspective, which is sometimes a blocker in the worst case, and in other just a speed bump 😦  If you can get access to these languages, then clearly the best scenario is to understand the language ROI, and leverage the languages as appropriate on an initial project.  Then use this project to “market” the benefits within the organisation and gain traction.  A quick Google will show that in London alone there are a number (although small) of opportunities for Scala/Clojure work within finance, often around “highly distributed, risk and pricing platform” projects.  Hopefully the financial communicate will continue to realise that the one size fits all language rule that has historically been set within corporations for the last n years needs a more frequent review, and that in some cases a revised rule partially tied to problem/solution is required.


~ by mdavey on May 30, 2013.

One Response to “!Java = Clojure or Scala”

  1. I am curious. What are the perceived advantages, disadvantages, or reasons someone would implement one of the two languages over the other? I chose to learn Clojure as a new language two years ago, and I based my reason off the mission statement of the language.

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