Real World Agile Estimation

ThoughtWorks has an interesting deck on “How do you estimate on an Agile project?” which provide a number of real-world stories.  A few thoughts:

  • Slide 12 – Basically delete the word “estimate” from your vocabulary and replace with “size”.  I concur on the time/cost thought process.
  • Slide 15 – “Capture all assumptions” – often a fail when estimation occurs 😦
  • Slide 18 – “When planning the release I do it at epic/feature level linked to a business outcome” – the sensible given the marry back to business ROI
  • Slide 18 – “value of an estimation session is to align the team around scope, solution, risk and complexity” – all to often estimation session are run badly with the wrong outcome

~ by mdavey on May 31, 2013.

One Response to “Real World Agile Estimation”

  1. We have mostly stopped estimating. Come round for a coffee and ill tell you all about it.

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