Thought on Microsoft 64GB Surface Pro

I’ve been using one of the Microsoft 64GB Surface Pro’s for a few days now.  Its interesting how people have come over to have a look at the machine itself, and the keyboard (or Touch Cover as I should term it).  What follows is a few thoughts on the device:

  • Most people are stunned by the thickness of the Surface – way to thick.  Microsoft needs to get Surface 2 out the door, and resolve this.
  • Has somewhat of a problem getting the time correct on the Surface.  Although I told it I was in London, it didn’t seem convinced until I went deep into the control panel settings – time sync server
  • The continuous horizontal scroll left is nice
  • Trying to install FireFox via the browser choice was painful.  I seem to have got stuck in a loop when asked if I wanted to allow the application to make changes to my machine.  Second time around the FireFox install worked better.
  • Re-ordering tiles on Start via the swipe down is a pain sometimes
  • Office dropping to the desktop is just wrong!
  • Weather app is quite nice from a available data perspective.  Makes the iOS weather app look and feel old

~ by mdavey on June 3, 2013.

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