Python – Gem of Financial Data Analysis?

Playing around with Pandas recently – travel helps with time allocation 🙂  I’ve blogged about Python usage in financial services a number of times before, but not the specific usage of Pandas.  Pandas is great for data analysis applications – looking at the LFPUG blog posting from Oct 2012, AHL (“Moving an algo business from R and Java to Pytho”) also thinks so.  Unfortunately I can’t seem to find Mr Pilsworth LFPUG presentation, but a quick Google for Pandas, coupled with reading between the lines of various financial job vacancies provides a view as to what is happening on the ground.

Wes offers a 2011 financial presentation, “Python for Financial Data Analysis with pandas”, which provides some insight.  I’d also suggest reading Wes’s book on Data Analysis.The skew by the Sell (bank) side server community to Java, and lesser Scala, should probably consider a new look at Pandas for certain types of application solution.


~ by mdavey on June 25, 2013.

One Response to “Python – Gem of Financial Data Analysis?”

  1. Hey guys, I have found an excellent site that has Financial Data charts with statistical functions to analyze data : Check it out

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