Language Coherence across the Stack

Slashdot has an interesting article, “Node.js and MongoDB Turn JavaScript into a Full-Stack Language” that basically makes a play for JavaScript client and server side being advantageous to avoid the historical fragmentation of incompatible disciplines within a project.  This fragmentation between client and server often leads to a disconnect when engineering user stories due to the simple fact that two software engineer are required with differing skill-set’s to work on the solution.

I’m not entirely clear what “widely supported path to security” means within the article.  I don’t see JavaScript server side being the solution to server side security issues.

Further, I think it will be a some while before we see down-stream servers written in JavaScript within the financial services world – by this I mean trade, matching, OMS’s etc

Additionally, I think Google is continuing to help move the game forwards in the JavaScript space.  Spending time with AngularJS has been nice.  The tutorial is well written, and easy to follow.  Angular-seed makes life easy, especially with inclusion of Karma.  Not tried adding in Istanbul, but am expecting to like it for coverage.  Need to get time with Polymer – maybe the next flight – especially given that AngularJS 2.0 will build on top of Web Components.

Which all leads to though around D3’s data joins and binding to DOM elements.


~ by mdavey on June 28, 2013.

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