Management: The 5 Deadly Diseases

Dr Denning provide a view from 1984, which is still of value today.  I’m sure anyone can relate to many of these at some point in their career 😦

1. Lack of constancy of purpose.
a. No planning for the future.
b. Lack of long-term definition and goals.

2. Emphasis on short term profits.
a. Worshipping quarterly dividend.
b. Sacrificing long-term growth of the company.

3. Annual rating of performance.
a. Arbitrary and unjust system.
b. Demoralizing to employees.
c. Nourishes short-term performance.
d. Annihilates team work, encourages fear.

4. Mobility of management.
a. No roots in the company.
b. No knowledge of the company.
c. No understanding of its problems.

5. Use of visible figures only.
a. No use of figures that are unknown and unknowable.
b. Encouraged by business schools.

On the annual performance subject, Rob provide an interesting read, and some relevant references at the end of his 2012 posting.

The Paradox of Performance Pay – a really great article/opinion piece by Dr Allan Hawke , a former chief of staff to Australian prime minister Paul Keating, a former federal departmental secretary and a former senior diplomat.


~ by mdavey on August 11, 2013.

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