Book: Getting More

I came across this book whilst in an airport (no surprise).  After only a few chapters I felt the need to recommend this book to others who could benefit from the contents.  What follows is the usual format book take away points which I feel need a mention.  In all honest, just buy the book, print off the Four Quadrant wallet card, and proceed.

  • Page 61 – Miss communication.  Fundamental Attribution Error.  Not communicating effectively in companies is expensive – one company calculated this to be 3.5 hrs per work per week!  Now imagine a team of 20 software engineers.  You being to realise you could be burning a good degree of budget on communication failure, meaning that the chances of delivering the software solution on-time are greatly reduced.
  • Page 73 – Tone and emails.  Couldn’t agree more on the “issue” of email.  People who insult me on email don’t get very far, and they loose my respect!  Pick up the phone if you think your emails are going to go south!
  • Page 75 – Pay attention to signals. Verbal and non-verbal provide a wealth of information during negotiations
  • Page 153 – Negotiation Styles: assertive, collaboration, compromising, avoiding, accommodating
  • Page 160 – The Four Quadrant Negotiation Model
  • Page 164 – Some of the best ideas follow the silliest suggestions
  • Page 180 – Trade jobs for a few days – great idea
  • Page 181 – Interesting perspective on dealing with differences – USA vs rest of world. US focuses more on punishment and contracts than relationships – think a few of us have seen this one when looking at the overall global view
  • Page 249 – Business relationships – document everything.  I’ve had the same view for years.
  • Page 339 – People you hire are not commodities.  Maybe obvious, but its worrying how many people don’t think this way
  • Page 350 – Perceptions – figure out the picture in the other side’s head
  • Page 379 – Beating down somebody in a negotiation can have a detrimental effect in their performance – replace the opera house and star performer with a company and star individual.

Net out: Read the book.


~ by mdavey on August 25, 2013.

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