Ontology in Financial Solutions

Many years ago I was involved in a financial project or two that undertook to ensure an appropriate taxonomy and ontology.  At the time, since both taxonomy and ontology were relatively new to financial applications, non-financial experts where hired to aid the process.  These days, as I mentioned some time ago, both taxonomies and ontologies have become more common in finance.  Most recently, product companies, drive by I suspect client demand, have begin to venture down the long information organization road.

Moving on from the basics of Ontologies, its worth having a look at Jena (from a Java perspective) which uses OWL.  Looking at Ontologies from a JavaScript perspective, have a look at JSON-LD.  RDFLib may also be of interest to anyone in this space.

All the above is interesting, and leads to a question of how you can leverage ontology in applications you are building.  Clearly machine readable data linkage is the under tone here.  Thinking back to the work I did years ago around User Interfaces, and data linkages, when read in the context of ontologies, “Deriving user interface from ontologies: a model-based approach” is probably required reading.

In this paper we present an approach to derive user interface (UI) from ontologies. It automatically generates UI according to declarative model specifications.

Its also worth having a read of the papers from Semantic Models for Adaptive
Interactive Systems (SEMAIS 2011).  Also, ActiveRaUL: Automatically Generated Web
Interfaces for Creating RDF Data, Model-Driven Rich User Interface Generation
from Ontologies for Data-Intensive Web Applications, Why UI Standards Should Come Together with Formal Ontologies.

If your interested in this stuff, consider subscribing to ReferenceDataReview.  You may also want to check out GoldenSource, MarkIt and Microsoft (yes even Microsoft) are doing in this space.  Its also interesting to see that Citi has a Chief Data Officer

Update:  There is quite a few interesting papers over at Ontology-Driven User Interface.


~ by mdavey on September 5, 2013.

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