F1: Data Storage and Interchange

Google Research F1 paper offers an interesting read.  Of particular interest, and worth a call out is the usage of Protocol Buffers:

At Google, Protocol Bu ffers are ubiquitous for data storage and interchange between applications. When we still had a MySQL schema, users often had to write tedious and error-prone transformations between database rows and in-memory data structures. Putting protocol bu ers in the schema removes this impedance mismatch and gives users a universal data structure they can use both in the database and in application code.

BSON is another alternative in the data storage and interchange space, with MongoDB benefiting from BSON in a similar way to F1 benefiting from Protocol Buffers.  The F1 usage of protocol buffers as column types, and the query ability is extremely nice.


~ by mdavey on September 7, 2013.

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