The Bumpy Road of Stories – Integration and Behaviour

Many teams at some point down the agile bumpy road of retrospectives have encountered some of the following experiences:

  • Ill formed stories due to lack of understand what a story is
  • Confusion over story vs. epic
  • Believing a tool will provide the agility to a team over core agile practices
  • Writing technical stories, and realises no real business ROI is delivered
  • Writing stories with no acceptance critieria
  • Writing stories that are UX/UI bias

As some point most applications have to interface to other systems – up or down stream.  This leads nicely into the next set of problems teams often encounter:

  • Technical stories re-appear
  • Realisation that the original stories were to UX/UI bias
  • Acceptance criteria lacked full end to end coverage

This leads to a nice “old” posting from Mountain Goat, on writing back-end system stories – “As a bank”.  Which brings us nicely back to the age old What’s in a Story?

It starts at the outside by identifying business outcomes, and then drills down into the feature set that will achieve those outcomes. Each feature is captured as a “story”, which defines the scope of the feature along with its acceptance criteria

~ by mdavey on September 27, 2013.

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