The Value of Big Data is Discovered via Analytics – Big Data Travel Reading

Whilst going somewhere, by train or plane, the following generate some thoughts for the current, and the future:

  • Solr for Analytics
  • SPM Performance Monitoring for Kafka
  • Introducing Algolerts – Algorithmic Anomaly Detection Alerts
  • Spring XD Stock Price Example
  • How-to: Use MADlib Pre-built Analytic Functions with Impala
  • (HANA + IDH) UCS = Simplifying the Deployment of Real-time Big Data Analytics
  • mahout algorithms
  • EDA vs. Hypothesis Testing
  • Predictive Analysis
  • Big Data Predictive Analytics Solutions
  • The curse of big data – nice stock example in this article.
  • 9 Truths Lead To Big Data’s Future –  7 is a stand out point that needs to be made
  • Advanced ‘Big Data’ Analytics with R and Hadoop
  • Using Apache Hadoop to Find Signal in the Noise: Analyzing Adverse Drug Events
  • Correlations between stocks with NYSE data – code and video.  Interesting problem solved using hadoop
  • What MapReduce can’t do – interesting stock example discussed
  • Big Data in Capital Markets – MIDAS.  Worth a read
  • Pipelining and Real-time Analytics with MapReduce Online
  • Big Data: Hadoop, Business Analytics and Beyond
  • Building Stock Trading Strategies: 20% Faster with Hadoop –  k-means algorithm was implemented using the R language
  • Simple Moving Average, Secondary Sort, and MapReduce – stock example
  • Accelerating Hadoop MapReduce Using an In-Memory Data Grid
  • Big Data and Analytics – Value Chain Cross Section

~ by mdavey on November 12, 2013.

2 Responses to “The Value of Big Data is Discovered via Analytics – Big Data Travel Reading”

  1. […] The Value of Big Data is Discovered via Analytics – Big Data Travel Reading (Matt Davey) […]

  2. Re: 9 Truths #7, the value comes from the person who views and interprets the analytics… At our recent NYC Data Skeptics Meetup, this point was key to Jim Hendler’s talk (Jim being “Mr. Semantic Web”). Data is only as good as how its defined, collected, analyzed, interpreted and ultimately used.

    Nice writing style Matt.

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